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Custom Printed Train Minifigures

Custom Printed Train Minifigures

Tired of the boring, stock LEGO® train engineer minfigures? Then these custom printed minifigures are the ones for you! We have several options to choose from such that you can create an army of custom train workers for your railroad. Each minifigure comes with a custom designed and molded hat, one accessory, are available in three different clothes colors, and have the option for no head OR the ability to add one of six custom heads.



The following options are available for you to customize your minifigure. The included hat will match the color of minifigure you choose.



  • sand blue
  • medium blue
  • blue



  • lantern
  • spade shovel
  • long neck oil can



  • no head OR
  • light flesh head #1
  • light flesh head #2
  • light flesh head #3
  • yellow head #1
  • yellow head #2
  • yellow head #3


These minifigures are currently available for preorder. Accessories will be injection molded using resin molds. Price is for ONE minifigure with ONE accessory. Pictures of hat and accessories coming soon. 


Printing by @figfablabs on Instagram.


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    This item is currently pre-order only while we work on manufacturing the accessories.
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