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Ball Bearing Wheel Sets

Ball Bearing Wheel Sets

This listing is for four complete ball bearing wheelsets. This is enough to build one standard, four axle train car.


Wheel sets are comprised of:

  • ball bearings that have been press fit into new LEGO® Technic™ bricks
  • washers to provide correct spacing between face of wheel and ball bearing
  • brand new BrickTracks™ axles
  • brand new BrickTracks™ wheels


What is the benefit to using ball bearing wheel sets over LEGO® ones? Ball bearings provide low-friction movement which allows the axles to spin easier. This translates to less required pulling force which lets you run longer trains.  



  • 8x bearings
  • 8x LEGO® Technic™ bricks
  • 8x washers
  • 4x BrickTracks™ axles
  • 8x BrickTracks™ wheels


The following color options are available:

  • Black Wheels with Black Bricks
  • Black Wheels with Light Bluish Grey Bricks
  • Reddish Brown Wheels with Reddish Brown Bricks
  • Reddish Brown Wheels with Black Bricks
  • Dark Brown Wheels with Black Bricks


All wheel sets are made to order and require 1-2 weeks delivery.



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