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Union Pacific 4-8-8-4 "Big Boy" Stud Counter™ Full Kit

Union Pacific 4-8-8-4 "Big Boy" Stud Counter™ Full Kit


This kit is currently available for PRE-ORDER. If you wish to do a 50% deposit, please email me using the contact form found on this site. Full payment will be required prior to shipping your kit.


Please be aware that if you select the PFx Brick during checkout, your order may be subjected to additioal delays if Fx Bricks is not able to provide their products in a timely manner. A PFx Brick is required for sound. 


About the Model

The Union Pacific Big Boy is a type of simple articulated 4-8-8-4 steam locomotive manufactured by the American Locomotive Company (ALCO) between 1941 and 1944 and operated by the Union Pacific Railroad in revenue service until 1962.

The 25 Big Boy locomotives were built to haul freight over the Wasatch mountains between Ogden, Utah and Green River, Wyoming.


In the late 1940s, they were reassigned to Cheyenne, Wyoming, where they hauled freight over Sherman Hill to Laramie, Wyoming. They were the only locomotives to use a 4-8-8-4 wheel arrangement: four-wheel leading truck for stability entering curves, two sets of eight driving wheels and a four-wheel trailing truck to support the large firebox.


Today, eight Big Boys survive, with most on static display at museums across the country. One of them, No. 4014, was re-acquired by Union Pacific and rebuilt to operating condition in 2019, regaining the title as the largest and most powerful operating steam locomotive in the world.


This is YOUR chance to own a museum quality model of this amazing machine built in LEGO®. 


About the Kit

Stud Counter™ full kits are the premiere LEGO® train building experience. They take all of the guess work out of sourcing and gathering the parts. The full kit includes:

  • high quality printed instructions
  • brand new LEGO® pieces
  • all required custom parts
  • train control method of choice
  • brick built display stand
  • 2x custom printed LEGO® minifigures
  • decals printed directly onto bricks
  • lights and sound (if selected during checkout)


This model is built in the 1:48 scale commonly known as "eight wide" in the LEGO® train world. The model is 120 studs long and contains over 3500 pieces separate from the display stand. This model is powered by two XL size motors in the boiler that directly power the two sets of drivers. 


Please be aware that this model was designed for after-market, wide radius curves. This model can handle R56 to R88 curves but the overhang may cause issues on your personal layout. R104+ is recommended. Wide radius curves can be purchased from multiple sources. Recommended would be from BrickTracks.


This Stud Counter™ full kit is currently available for pre-order with an anticipated ship date of mid to late 2022.



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Please note, render is shown to represent the finished model. Pre-production model shown.

    $2,800.00 Regular Price
    $2,500.00Sale Price
    This item is currently pre-order only while we reach the minimum number of pre-orders!
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