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UP Heritage Auxiliary Water Tender Stud Developer™ Printed Instruction Set

UP Heritage Auxiliary Water Tender Stud Developer™ Printed Instruction Set

About the Model

Union Pacific has used four retired GTE tenders as water cars to extend the range of the road's two operating steam locomotives, 844 and 3985.


Two different types of tenders were used on the GTEL-8500 locomotives, as follows:

  • Uninsulated, classified as 23-C-GTE, and was rebuilt from 19-C tenders from retired 3800-class Challengers.
  • Insulated, classified as 24-C-GTE, and was rebuilt from 20-C tenders from retired FEF-1 class 800-series 4-8-4 “Northerns.” While in service as GTE fuel tenders, the cars were insulated and smooth-sided, with round covers along the bottom curve of the GTE tender that provided access to large, cylindrical electric heaters. UPP 809 and 814 started as this type.


Capacity was 24,000 gallons in the GTE fuel tender configuration, and 28,000 gallons in the "restored" steam tender configuration, due to the removal of heater elements and associated metal structure.


About the Kit

Stud Developer™ instructions kits are the highest quality printed instruction kit for your LEGO® train building experience. These instructions are professionally printed and spiral bound for ease of use while building. We have taken the upmost care to make sure these instructions are easy to follow so you won’t have to keep track of a dozen floating subassemblies or figure out what that black part is that was just added to a step. These kits include the following:

  • High quality printed instructions
  • Two sets of ball bearing wheel sets in black with LBG bricks
  • Any custom parts used in the model


This instruction set will allow you to build both cars, the UP Jim Adams and the UP Joe Jordan.


Please note that decals are sold separately. You can purchase the decals here.


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