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AAR 70 Ton 53'-6" Flat Car Stud Developer™ Printed Instruction Set

AAR 70 Ton 53'-6" Flat Car Stud Developer™ Printed Instruction Set

About the Model

Prior to World War II, the Association of American Railroads (AAR) was tasked with evaluating contemporary freight car designs and establishing standard models that could be rapidly manufactured for use by any railroad. One such standardized design was a 70-ton capacity flatcar based on a prototype introduced by the Erie Railroad in 1941. These 53'-6" long cars featured a sturdy riveted steel underframe, a wooden deck extending beyond the frame supported by steel angles, and 14 pressed steel stake pockets along each side. Known for their resilience, these flatcars were manufactured well into the 1960s, with many later repurposed for trail on a flatcar (TOFC) or "piggyback" service. Others were equipped with bulkheads and other load restraints for specialized tasks. Some continued to operate in revenue service until the 1980s, and a few remain in use within maintenance-of-way fleets to this day.


Our design for this model features three distinct loads that you can model. They are:

  • a load of John Deere Model M tractors
  • a load of milled lumber
  • an Allis Chalmers oil circuit breaker with crate


About the Kit

Stud Developer™ instructions kits are the highest quality printed instruction kit for your LEGO® train building experience. These instructions are professionally printed and spiral bound for ease of use while building. We have taken the upmost care to make sure these instructions are easy to follow so you won’t have to keep track of a dozen floating subassemblies or figure out what that black part is that was just added to a step. These kits include the following:

  • High quality printed instructions
  • One set of ball bearing wheelsets in the color of your choice
  • Any custom parts used in the model


This instruction set will allow you to build the flat car with load that fits best in your modeling era and region. Decal sets that are available (separately) are:

  • ATSF
  • Baltimore & Ohio
  • Chicago & Eastern Illinois
  • Chessapeake & Ohio
  • Detroit, Toledo & Ironton
  • ERIE
  • New York, Chicago & St. Louis
  • New York Central
  • Pere Marquette
  • Pennsylvania Railroad
  • Southern
  • Southern Pacific
  • Western Maryland


Please note that decals and additional ball bearing wheelsets are sold separately. You can purchase decals here and bearings here.


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    Expected to ship mid Spring!
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