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GACC 53ft Wood Sided Express Reefer Stud Developer™ Printed Instruction Set

GACC 53ft Wood Sided Express Reefer Stud Developer™ Printed Instruction Set

About the Model

In 1918, the four big express companies, Wells Fargo, Adams Express, American Express, and Southern Express, were combined into a single entity, American Railway Express, and many newly built BR cars were lettered for ARE, just as were baggage cars which carried express. But ARE remained a private company. In 1929, 86 railroads combined assets to purchase all the assets of ARE and create a new agency, the Railway Express Agency or REA, which was owned by the railroads. Its reporting marks were REX. Railroad baggage cars were soon re-lettered for REA if in express service. Express reefers, previously leased to ARE by railroads and continued under lease to REA, largely were released back to their owners in the 1930s as leases expired. Most of these cars were built by General American.


About the Kit

Stud Developer™ instructions kits are the highest quality printed instruction kit for your LEGO® train building experience. These instructions are professionally printed and spiral bound for ease of use while building. We have taken the upmost care to make sure these instructions are easy to follow so you won’t have to keep track of a dozen floating subassemblies or figure out what that black part is that was just added to a step. These kits include the following:

  • High quality printed instructions
  • One set of ball bearing wheelsets in the color of your choice
  • Any custom parts used in the model


This instruction set will allow you to build either the early version without roof hatch platforms and the pull chain brake or the later version with roof hatch platforms and brake wheel. Decal sets that are available (separately) are:

  • Early ARE scheme (good prior to 1929)
  • 1929 REA scheme (good for 1929 to 1953)
  • Early 1953 REA Scheme (good for 1953)
  • Early PFE scheme (good for 1930s through the 1940s)
  • Late PFE scheme (good for 1940s through 1950s)
  • D&RGW (good for 1930's through the 1950's)
  • Additional roads will be released at a later date


Please note that decals and additional ball bearing wheelsets are sold separately. You can purchase decals here and bearings here.


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