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PRR X31A Boxcar Stud Developer™ Printed Instruction Set

PRR X31A Boxcar Stud Developer™ Printed Instruction Set

About the Model

In the middle of the depression in 1934, the Pennsylvania Railroad began a massive car building program in its Altoona, PA shops. The round roof design was adopted to achieve the maximum cubic foot capacity loading and still clear tunnel restrictions. The X31 series became their new and distinctive standard box car. Two basic roofs were adopted - one ­flush to the sides and the other with a 2” setback at the top of the roof. Cars were both 40’ in length and came with either single or double doors with 6' and 12’-1-1/2” or 14‘-6” openings respectively. During one period between March and April 1936, many of these cars were contracted out between builder’s AC&F, BSC, GATC, GSC and PSC. In 1939 and through 1940, the PRR modified the roofs of 690, 40’ double-door cars with a distinctive extended roof to accommodate jeep shipments. These were designated as X31F and classified XAR.


About the Kit

Stud Developer™ instructions kits are the highest quality printed instruction kit for your LEGO® train building experience. These instructions are professionally printed and spiral bound for ease of use while building. We have taken the upmost care to make sure these instructions are easy to follow so you won’t have to keep track of a dozen floating subassemblies or figure out what that black part is that was just added to a step. These kits include the following:

  • High quality printed instructions
  • One set of ball bearing wheelsets in the color of your choice
  • Any custom parts used in the model


This instruction set will allow you to build either the single door or the double door version of the car. Decal sets that are available (separately) are:

  • Circle Keystone in both single and double door
  • Early Shadow Keystone in both single and double door
  • Plain Keystone in single door
  • Plain Keystone Stores Department in single door
  • Late Shadow Keystone in both single and double door


Please note that decals and additional ball bearing wheelsets are sold separately. You can purchase decals here and bearings here.


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